Uploading a file

To ensure the safety and reliability of our API, we are currently enforcing some controls on what files can be uploaded to the API.

Upload information

All of our APIs where a file can be uploaded expect a URL to be passed. This URL should point to a file.
The file will then be uploaded to Manatal systems.



The following endpoint does not accept URLs and only accepts a binary file:

  1. /career-page/{client_slug}/jobs/{id}/apply/

The API will not return a feedback on whether or not the upload was a success.

File size

We are currently limiting the size of the files that can be passed to 5MB.
Any file that is bigger than this limit will not be uploaded to Manatal without feedback.


The current allowed MIME types are:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • RTF
    Any file that do not respect this MIME will not be uploaded to Manatal without feedback.

Allowed hosting platforms

We recommend against using public hosting platforms for the file hosting.
Those platforms are redirecting what they see as bots to an HTML page thus making the file download impossible for Manatal.

It is required that the file is publicly available for at least one hour so that Manatal can download it without any error.